What is Inbound Marketing Automation?

Simply put, it is the automated process of getting visitors to your website, paying attention to what sections, services or products on your site that interest them the most, and sharing similar and relevant content back to them if they choose. The relationship can be continually nurtured should the visitor become a lead and ideally a client.

It's all tracked, measurable and automated.

How Is Inbound Marketing Automation Done?

Getting people to your site (the inbound) can be done thru paid (SEM) and unpaid (Organic) means. SEM is called Search Engine Marketing and the most popular method today is buying Adwords thru Google and Bing.

Once the visitor has arrived on your  website, often thru clicking on a paid advertisement or organic link, they'll be encouraged to give you their best email address so you can share content with them.

In the background you have software that connects that email address with what they were interested in on your website and it shares that with them on an ongoing basis. Without you having to manually send them the information. 

Is Inbound Marketing Automation Expensive?

It doesn't need to be. In the marketing automation industry there are Ferrari's and there are Camry's. At Fireboy Creative Inc. we recommend the Camry's. Our clients are often small to medium sized businesses with fairly limited budgets and are looking to get the best value for those dollars. 

Getting Started With Inbound Marketing Automation.

It starts with an email, a phone call, a discussion over a decent cup of coffee, or if you're not in Vancouver, then there's FaceTime or Google Hangouts. Whatever works best for you. We'll discuss where you're at now in your digital strategy and where you'd like to be. We'll discuss budgets, timelines and expectations.  

Want to get started with Inbound Marketing Automation?

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